Friday, October 28, 2011

Sogni d'Italia

You know that something is your dream when it's what you think about when your mind wanders. Going to be an exchange in Italy is all I want. It is my dream. I think about it almost every second of everyday. I can't wait to get my host family, I can't wait to see them for the first time, I can't wait to go and have my orientation with all of the other AFSers, I can't wait to hear everyone around me speaking in Italian, I can't wait to be able to hold a conversation with my classmates, and I can't wait to live my life like Italian teenagers. The list goes on.

All of my friends and people that know I am going think I am crazy for doing this and not even knowing that much Italian, leaving my life in Minnesota for a year, and living with a family I don't even know. But anytime anyone wants to make any judgements or doubt my dreams, I really don't care and I will be the one having the time of my life next year. This is an experience of a lifetime and one that I think will stay with me forever.

I am horrible at ending these things so I will just say ciao and as corny as it sounds "keep chasing your dreams.(;"

-Nicole <3