Tuesday, October 18, 2011


         I just had my interview with my AFS liason! I cleaned my whole house pretty much for this interview, but the funny thing is, we ended up only staying in my dining room and not even going anywhere else in the house. xD I thought he would end up actually asking me a lot of questions but he ended up mainly talking and I listened haha. My mom and step dad also asked some questions. I am sad though because I am realizing that I can't turn in my application right away like I wanted. I have to still make my letter better, and I guess when I got my academic stuff done, the counselor didn't answer questions she was supposed to. -_- I just really want to hear about my host family sooner, rather than later.
        He also asked about some of my preferences and I know it's bad to expect things but I really hope that I have siblings! Someone my age would be fantastic..But it's kind of unrealistic to hope for. :P I just hope I don't end up having one of those horrible times where your host family is horrible and doesn't even want you and so you have to switch. D: Well, it's best to think positively and be optimistic! He told me "Imagine you are walking up stairs and at the top of those stairs there is a closed door. You don't know what is behind the door and it could be many different things than what you are expecting. But just be open to everything." It was something along those lines. Well anyways that's all for now.




  1. Well that is good that you finally have your interview over with! Hopefully you can turn in your application soon, then we can play the waiting game(: Best of luck!