Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sono arrivato

I have arrived.
I don't even know where to start.
There is so much to say.
I'm here in Sassari, Sardinia now. I met my family at the airport on Sunday evening. Just my host mom was there. My host brother was in the car. At the airport I also met like 3 other people. I don't remember who they were exactly though... This seems to be happening a lot. One of them gave me a piece of paper with her name, address, and email on it. I think it was my italian tutor or my volunteer person. It's probably bad that I don't know... Oh well haha.
So then we went to the car and I met my host brother and we drove home. There were a lot of pretty sights on our way home. I saw many mountains in the distance. I wish I had a picture but I didn't take any!
After I got to my host family I think I was just very overwhelmed with everything, scared, and homesick. So I cried...A lot. But it's okay now. I feel a lot better today.
I can't even remember everything that happened on Sunday night (when I got here) but we did have dinner. I didn't eat a lot and I felt bad but ever since I've been in Italy I just don't feel like eating for some reason. I'm not hungry when I'm nervous or anxious or I guess homesick. Lol. A side note: I think my host mom has been telling everyone we run into that I don't eat. I've met a lot of people since I've been here and when my host mom is introducing me the words "intercultura" "lei non capisce molto italiano" and something about me being like bea (their other exchange student from two years ago) because I don't eat much.
Yesterday was spent running errands all day. I am so glad I got to get out of the house (even though I had to get up early). We had to go to many places to get my residency permit (I think that's what it's called) and other things I needed (conditioner, face wash, contact lens solution, etc).
Okay if I keep writing like this, the post will never end.
Since I've been here

  • I've eaten gelato (molto buono!!)
  • Eaten pizza 
  • Cried a lot
  • Skyped with different people
  • Walked around Sassari and drove around Sassari
  • Been really confused at times
  • Met at least 10 people
  • Taught my host family some english (so cute and funny)
  • Seen crazy italian driving
  • Watched tv in italian
  • Drank caffè italiano
So yeah some cool stuff. Also, everything is smaller here and I find it really amusing. My host mom and me were talking about this. The cars are smaller, the streets are narrower, the stores are smaller, the money is smaller, our house is smaller, the shower is smaller. I feel like a giant a little bit.

Okay that's all for now. There are a lot of random things I could say that are amusing/I've noticed but then this post would be even more unorganized than it already is. If anyone has questions or something you should comment with them on this post because then I can be more organized with my writing!




  1. Thanks for the update. I like hearing what you are doing. You are a good writer. I love that you feel like you are a giant. hahaha I think you will experience a lot of culture shock. What's your favorite Italian food so far?

    1. No problem. :) haha
      Thank you!
      My favorite italian food was probably gelato! :D