Thursday, September 13, 2012


    This is the name of my city in Italy. It is on the island of Sardegna and has (from what i've read on the internet) about 130,000 inhabitants. I'm coming to like this city. last night my brother took me out to a place called "los cornetteros". A lot of young people go there, so once I make friends I might end up going there a lot. I really liked it. I've also walked around a lot. Whenever I have went out, that's all I've done. There are a lot of little stores, clothes stores, book stores, stores that sell meat, cheese, bread, there is a supermarket, there is a piazza I really like, pizzerias, and a lot of bars and cafes. Almost all of the streets are small and many of the sidewalks and streets have cobblestone.
    It's windy a lot here. My host mom even told me "We have names for each kind of wind. The wind is life." Or something along those lines. :) Our apartment usually has a lot or all of the windows open. I always try and keep my window open but I can't right now because it's REALLY windy.
    The weather has been very nice since I've gotten here. I don't know the exact temperatures but it's been nice. Kind of hot, but that's better than cold I suppose. A lot of parts of Sassari have many trees (the sidewalks I mean). So when I am walking in those parts it's a lot cooler.
    I went out by myself the other day for the first time. My family made me my own set of keys so I just took a little maybe 15 minute walk. I have to admit I was a little scared (A 16-year-old blond american girl who doesn't speak english, doesn't know the city, and is an easy target doesn't sound good), but it went fine. I did get stared at. And honked at. But everything was fine. Now maybe I will go out again but for a longer period of time. I just have to know where I shouldn't go and my family said not to go to the centro storico (old part of the city) because there are a lot of drugs, etc.
    I start school tomorrow so wish me luck!!




  1. Good luck in school tomorrow, Nicole! I hope you make lots of new friends.

  2. Hey,

    Just stumbled upon your blog as I was looking for blog feeds similar to mine ( was in Italy for my Internship as well and had a great time and this is what I wrote about it, and it's quite a coincidence I think that we shared the same Italian title for the blog.

    Anyway enjoyed reading your posts and good luck with getting to know the city and having longer promenades..


  3. si, e molto interessante :) ci vediamo forse in Italia :)