Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pre-Departure Orientation

So today I had my pre-departure orientation which is a mandatory meeting for everyone leaving to go on programs this summer. We talked about a lot of things like expectations, concerns, health and safety, rules rules rules lol. I think you kind of talk about the same things a lot. Rules being one of them. I have heard at the orientions in New York and Rome you talk a lot about rules and stuff too. So needless to say it wasn't the most exciting thing, but it was cool to meet other people going abroad. Many of them were only going on summer programs however. I was a little sad because EVERYONE I talked to had there host family already. But nope, not me. -_-
Which brings me to my next point: I am sick of waiting! My excitement level is going down now because nothing new is happening...I need to get excited again! But it;s hard when I can't really have any expectations because I have no idea where I am staying, who with, etc. I could be in Sicily, Sardinia, southern Italy, Northern Italy, etc. And all of the regions are so different so I just have no idea what to expect!
Well anyways the orientation wasn't all super boring, I did meet some cool people and what not. I met a girl going to India for a year (wow!) a girl going to France for a year, 2 girls going to Norway for year programs, another girl going to Italy (but only for the summer.) And a lot of other people. There was only one guy there aww haha. I wonder why more girls do exchange..? My step dad seems to think it is so that they can meet cute boys lol.
Well anyways that's basically all.




  1. I was also the only boy at my orientation :D And...uhm...You will get it soon, I know it. There are more host families than students. Why shouldn't you get it?

    1. That's weird...I wonder why. :P Now I am not so sure since people are having to switch half way though... D: