Sunday, April 8, 2012

Things I'll miss and other thoughts.

So over the past few weeks I have had time to think about all of the things I will miss while I am in Italy for 10 months. For over a year I have been super excited to go, but now that's it's coming closer (I'm still super pumped!) I am realizing how many things I'll miss. My family, my friends, speaking english, understanding  the language that's being spoken to me, driving. I just got my driver's license a couple months ago and it's almost summer so this is the time when I am driving around with my friends and having the best time. Even though I will do amazing things in Italy and have an awesome experience, I will still miss these things.

Something else I was thinking about yesterday: My older sister just got back from traveling in England and Scotland to look at a college she is most likely going to in September. When she came home to tell me about her experiences the other day, I was amazed. I think she now knows what it's like to want something as bad as I want to travel and see the world. She told me about how she was coming out of the underground and right as she got up the stairs, there was Big Ben. It had just hit 6 o'clock (I think) and started  chiming. She said it felt unreal. She said it seemed like something like that would only happen in a movie and it felt amazing. I can't even explain it. But that's when I stopped feeling sad about leaving momentarily. Because I know that when I get to Italy, I will have those same feelings. I will be so glad I decided to do this.

Well those are my thoughts for now.  Also, I am still waiting for a host family and an Italian volunteer said most students get theirs by June. Fingers crossed!




  1. I know how it's like! I got that feeling when I went to Prague in November. I was listening to a song called "Goodbye my love Goodbye" and it just hit me that being away from my parents for 13 days is really weird. I wondered how it was going to be like to be away for 10 months! I kinda got cold feet back then, but then after 1-2 days I settled down and started to love the trip and I didn't want to go home again :) I guess it's going to be like that in Italy too ;)

    1. Exactly. Now I'm over it and can't wait to go to Italy. :D

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I forget momentarily that I'm leaving, but when I remember again, I get chills.