Monday, January 30, 2012


       Since I had time today (I am staying home from school today), I thought I would let anyone who cares to know that I was contacted by AFS a few days ago about my application! Finally things are rolling. For everyone going on exchange it works like this: You turn in your preliminary application (which is just basic stuff and maybe where you would like to go and for how long), then you start working on your full application (which has basically EVERYTHING anyone would want or need to know in it), then you turn that in, THEN AFS contacts you saying specifically things they need clarification on/if they need any statements, etc. After that you submit your full app again and way to hear back. Then I believe they accept you, send your application to your first choice country to be reviewed and if you get accepted there, then try to find you a host family. Yes, it's a process.
         So now I am just waiting for them to contact me again and hopefully I will be accepted and they will be able to send my application to Italy! The reason it has taken so long for them to start reviewing my application is because they were busy working with the semester kids, but now a lot of the semester kids are leaving!
        On another note, I have been working on an essay for a 2,000 dollar scholarship!! I reallyreallyreally need and want this scholarship and I don't think that many kids are doing it and 6-12 will get the scholarship, so fingers crossed!




  1. Good luck with the scholarship:) Sent mine in today!

  2. Thanks Rachael!(: You too! I think we will both get it.(;