Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

     That's actually the name of a Jack Johnson song and I felt that it goes good with what's happening in exchange world right now.(x So anyways as you can probably gather from the title I am sitting...and waiting for AFS to contact me about...anything. And I am wishing. I am wishing to get accepted by AFS and that the rest of this process will go (relatively) smoothly.
      On another note, I just received an email from my liason...

"Hi Nicole,
I wanted to wish you a Happy Holiday season!
Next year at this time, I will be writing to you in Italy.  That is pretty exciting stuff.
It won’t be long now and AFS will be reviewing your application and sending it to Italy.  And then you will wait ..... until they find you a host family.  And then you will wait ..... while you establish a bond with your host family.  And then you will wait ...... until it is time to start your trip.  Exciting times for you.
Best wishes for a happy holiday season."
 Haha yeah, so as you can see, exchange consists of a lot of waiting. But it is pretty amazing that if everything goes well, I will be in Italy in less than 9 months! Also, next Christmas I will be with mia famiglia italiana.(: 

Happy Holidays everyone.(:



  1. hey so when did you get your liason? ive sent my app in but i havnt gotten any word back yet.. even though im pretty sure theres a small problem with my app they have to talk to me about. how long did it take you to get word back from them after you sent it in?

  2. He contacted me probably shortly after I turned in my preliminary application. But from what I gather most other people's liaisons aren't that helpful and don't contact them very often, but I guess I got lucky because he has contacted me from the beginning and been great! About a month ago maybe AFS contacted me just saying hey received my application and that they would begin reviewing in January. I would wait until January and if you still don't hear back, contact them.

  3. Or if you want to call their number you can, they have student advisors that are very helpful and will answer any questions you have!!

  4. thanks nicole :) i hope they get back to me quick, cuz i think theres a small problem with my application :/ i hope all your medical stuff gets worked out :)

  5. I'm sure it will all turn out fine.(: Thank you.(:

  6. I hope you will get accepted, Italy is amazing :D

  7. best song! i love jack johnson! hes amazing in concert! i cant wait to read your posts next year! btw thanks for following my blog! grazie! even though i speak spanish... not italian haha

  8. Anytime Chandler!(: Haha thank you! Or gracias even though I don't speak Spanish. xD