Monday, January 7, 2013

Benvenuto 2013! Una Norwegese, Finlandese, e Americana

Welcome 2013! A norweigan, finnish, and american
I think I may have had the most memorable new year ever. In my life.
Okay I'll rewind a little bit before then.
On Saturday my friend Saara (the finnish girl) came from Macomer (a town an hour or two away). She is also here with AFS and we have met a few times and became better friends at the camp in October. I have a long break right now from school and I thought it might be nice to have something planned or do something fun so I thought why not invite Saara to Sassari!? 
On saturday night Saara arrived and we went to the disco together (Me, Saara, and Karoline).
Then on Sunday we did some shopping for new year's eve (dresses, shoes, nail polish, etc). We also met up with our canadian friend Sadie who is here with rotary. We wandered around centro storico (historical area with little cobblestone streets and the whole bit) and then for dinner Sadie showed us this awesome hole-in-the-wall greek place which was awesome! I've learned to love those moments in which I end up in random places meeting new people and just really feeling like a world traveler. Then we all went back to our houses and slept to "prepare ourselves for new year's".
Now I've just abandoned this post for a few days because I procrastinate too much. :(
Anyways then on the 31st we all went to Karoline's house in the evening to get ready and have dinner with Karoline's brother and his friends. We all ate together and hung out and then even danced a little bit haha. Then we (me, Saara, Karoline) noticed that it was almost midnight. So we ran upstairs to get our bags and such and then ran to the piazza so that we could celebrate the new year there. It was really  fun and amazing. I had never seen the piazza so full of people...Ever. There was a concert going on and  people lighting paper lanterns and letting them float up in space. And then the countdown came (in italian of course) and then when midnight hit everyone went crazy and popped open bottles of champagne and huge fireworks went off. It was pretty great. <3
Then we went back to Karoline's house and walked with everyone to a disco.
It was just a great weekend/new years.
First night at the disco

Midnight!! :D

Walking in centro storico

At Karoline's house for dinner

In piazza

Karoline's house

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