Wednesday, August 15, 2012

3 More Weeks.

       I only have 3 more weeks left in Minnesota. Just 21 days. This makes me so happy I cannot even begin to explain it. I went through having mixed emotions about this trip to now just being EXCITED. Since the last time I updated, I have talked to my host mom and brother many times. Every time my host mom talks to me I can't help but smile. I am so happy to have gotten the family I did. Even though I won't have any siblings close in age to me, I am happy that I have a family who is just as excited as I am for me to come into their home and has already been so sweet and welcoming.
       I have also found out which school I will be attending! My host mom gave me the option of a scientifico, classico, or linguistico. After I researched which types of schools there are (this was a while ago) I had thought that scientifico would be the best for me. But after hearing 2 opinions saying liceo linguistico woud be easiest for a foreigner, I decided to go with that. (If you're totally lost a liceo is basically just a public high school and in Italy the schools have different focuses. Liceo linguistico has a language focus.) My school will be called "Margherita di Castelvì". Since it is a language school I have to study italian and 3 other languages. It looks like a really good school and they are all about promoting openness to other cultures so kind of like AFS! They actually got a honorable mention from Intercultura (AFS Italy) in 2009!
My scuola
It's hard to believe I will be leaving so soon. I'm so happy. <3


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